Do you have any food other than “Matcha” and “Wagashi”?

No. We only have only “Matcha” and “Wagashi”.

Could you keep my luggage while walking in Ginza?

Yes, we can. But, please keep your important goods- valuables, cash, etc with you.

Is it possible to change our plans on the day of our reservations?

If there is enough inventory and staff available, we can change your plans. If the price of new plan is higher than price of old plan, you will be required to pay the difference. If the price of new plan is lower than the price of old plan, we can not refund the difference.

Are “Wagashi” conscious of religious beliefs?

No. If you would like to know the ingredients, we can tell you before you make a reservation.

What should I do if I might be late?

If you contact us by Email, we can wait for you for one hour. If you do not contact us after 30 minutes of your scheduled time, we will consider it a cancellation.

Is the experience possible with children?

Yes, It is. Children under the age of 12 are free. But please understand that it is not the same as he experience for adults. “Kimonos” may not be available in the correct size. Children over the age of 12 are required to pay the regular price. If you have children, please let us know their age.

Can we use your services for a group?

Our services accomidate one to six people. If there are more than seven people, please contact us about the number of people before making your reservation. Email:

Do we have to make a reservation ?

Yes, please. All services of GinCul require a reservation. Please contact us from the below reservation form.

Reserve Form